Quick Tip On Splitting Up LinkedIn Campaigns For Precise Targeting

question4One of the immutable best practices of paid search revolves around tightly focusing your campaigns. Sometimes that process involves understanding your demographics and a bit of guesswork. However, LinkedIn provides vital category information on the individuals who clicked on your ads previously to help you with the splitting process. In this quick article, we show you where to find the summary and how to quickly split your campaigns into more tightly targeted campaigns.

Open one of your existing campaigns in LinkedIn. Select a relevant time range for the selected campaign. Below the graph, you will see the “Show summary of who clicked on your ads” option. Click on the summary option to see three categories for of people who clicked on your ads: Top Seniorities, Top Industries, and Top Job Functions.


Check the percentages of the seniorities for effective ways of narrowing your existing campaign into multiple new campaigns focused on organizational levels. The industries and job functions listings offer ways to split into significantly more targeted campaigns targeted around specific industries like Healthcare, Construction, Higher Education, International Affairs and Nonprofit or Job functions like Engineering, Operations and Healthcare Services. Build new more focused campaigns by splitting out these demographic slices. Use more focused images along with ad text and then compare them against the original campaign to see how each segment performs against your original campaign.


Using data complied by LinkedIn from more general campaigns to construct more focused campaigns allows you to test how targeted sections in your campaigns perform for your offering. In addition, narrowly targeting using LinkedIn’s data gives you the best opportunity to test image and copy on an audience more narrowly focused than most other paid search opportunities.