Save Time (and Sanity) With Yahoo Gemini Bulk Files

Yahoo has been making strides lately to continue to improve their Gemini UI. They recently rolled out a very helpful Dimensions tab where you can easily segment and view data by device, age, search term, date, month, hour of day and gender.

They also recently launched a Beta version of their editor, and while the effort is appreciated, the editor is still pretty clunky and leaves a lot to be desired.  I work in Gemini pretty frequently nowadays, and the best tool I’ve found so far to make bulk changes are through bulk files.

What Are Gemini Bulk Files?

As the name suggests, bulk files help you make bulk changes to your Gemini campaigns. They are extremely helpful, considering the Beta editor could still use a lot of work.With bulk files, you can simply download and export campaign data, edit or add to it, then upload your changes or additions back to the interface.

Where Are Bulk Files Located?

You can access bulk files from the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads or Keywords tabs. If you’re wanting to make adjustments specifically at the campaign, ad group, ad or keyword level, then just navigate to the corresponding tab, choose the elements you want to adjust, then click on the ‘Actions’ drop down and choose ‘Download selected – this level’:

However, if you want to make changes at multiple levels, navigate to the Campaigns tab, choose the campaigns to you want to download, then click on the ‘Actions’ drop down and choose ‘Download selected – all levels’:

Updating Ads in Gemini Bulk Files: An Example

Let’s say you want to update all of your ads’ H2s to say “Get A Free Trial Today”.

First, as outlined above, you’ll navigate to the Ads tab, choose all of the ads, then choose Actions > Download selected – this level. One big caveat here — the interface will only show 500 rows at a time, so if you have more than 500 ads then you’ll want to download your file from the Campaigns tab and choose Actions > Download selected – all levels, as outlined above. Regardless of which tab you download your report from, just click on the report that’s generated in the bottom right-hand corner to open it:

If you downloaded your report from the Campaigns tab, you’ll need to add an Excel filter to the top row of headers, filter for any element that isn’t ‘Ad’ in column B and delete those rows from your file. If you downloaded your report from the Ads tab then all elements in your file will be the ads and no filtering or deletion is needed.

After that, just navigate to the ‘Title 2’ column and fill in each cell with your new H2:

Next, slide over to column A, the ‘Action’ column. For this type of bulk change, you’ll put ‘Update’ into each cell:

The field options available to you for the ‘Action’ column are Add, Update or Delete, so you’ll modify the command based on the type of change you’re trying to make. If you leave this column blank, no changes will be made to your account when you upload the file back to the interface.

After you’ve made these adjustments to your Excel file, simply save your file, go to the Campaigns tab and click Actions > Upload file:


Simply select your document and choose ‘Open’. Once your file is processed, Gemini will show a link in the bottom right-hand corner that you can click on to review the changes you made.

There is a whole slew of changes you can make with bulk files, including adjusting campaign day parting and device bid modifiers and adding new keywords. With only the clunky Beta editor available to us for now, this is a helpful tool to make bulk changes significantly faster.

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