The BIG List of COVID-19 PPC Marketing Articles

The world is smack in the midst of a pandemic and many businesses are being faced with what feel like impossible decisions. 

Nearly all industries are affected, some are seeing boons while others are facing closure. No matter your situation, it’s up to you to make decisions about what to do with your advertising campaigns during this time. 

The good news is that there are lots of marketers. We thought rather than only adding to the voices, it would be helpful to round them up so you can access all the collective knowledge in one place.

We’ll do our best to keep this list up to date, but please comment with any articles you think are useful and that should be a part of this list.

So with that, here’s our BIG list of COVID-19 marketing blog posts: 

Trending Data:

Check out Search Engine Land’s data on Winners and losers: How COVID-19 is affecting search behavior.

This WordStream article is great for high level trends from COVID and providing ideas of what you, your businesses, or your clients should be doing during the pandemic. 

This page on the Acquisio blog will continue to be updated with stats for 10 major industries and their changing landscapes during the pandemic. 

Lastly, Tinuiti has a look at key performance shifts in Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Updates from the Channels:


Google announced they’ll be giving $800+ million to small/medium businesses to help mitigate the downturn. There are still many details that haven’t been shared, but this is definitely something to look forward to for those who are chosen.

Here’s a short bulleted list Google has compiled for you to follow to make sure you’re covering the basics during this unprecedented time. 


Facebook created a business resource center for COVID-19. One of the biggest benefits will likely be the Small Business Grants Program where Facebook will be giving $100 million in grants. 

Microsoft Ads:

This post gives a rundown, direct from Microsoft, of the Search trends they’re seeing by industry to help track how each is being impacted. 

Thoughts from the Experts:


Are you prepped for changes in how social platforms will be used? This post will walk you through some thinking points to make sure you’re adjusting as needed.


If you’re running display campaigns, you might want to stay out of the news for a bit lest you show up next to some terrible story about COVID. Check out this list from our friend Kirk Williams at ZATO on how to proactively stay away from news sites

Search Engine Journal:

Check out this post for five things to think about during this time (user search behavior, ad messaging, etc) and how you can adjust your campaigns based on your business. 

The channels have also needed to accommodate their policies during this time. Here’s a rundown of how Google and Twitter are changing things up for advertisers

This last one comes from the SEO perspective, but there are some great thoughts from industry leaders about how to adjust your services when clients push pause.

Search Engine Land:

If you’re considering lowering your budgets, this post might be a good read beforehand to make sure you’ve got your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed. 

Device usage is changing as users are adjusting to new life patterns. Here’s what Microsoft is seeing. 

Automation is a great tool for marketers, but during the time of COVID it could be less trustworthy than we would all like.

If you’re B2B, here are a couple of resources to help you determine where your marketing focus should be spent. 

How B2B companies can be proactive about managing paid media during COVID-19

Video: 8 takeaways for B2B advertisers in the time of COVID-19

Neptune Moon:

Managing your accounts or your client accounts is one thing, but what should you/your agency be thinking about during this time for your survival? This article has great thoughts on this as well as how this time compares to 2008. 

Orbit Media Studios:

Staying with the agency perspective for a minute, here’s a report on how COVID is impacting 122 different agencies.

PPC Hero:

Here are some tips for how to spend your days during this time where the in-account work might be at a lower point and you can do some higher level work.  

Additionally, sometimes it helps to take a new perspective on things to come up with good ideas. Here’s a take on how non-profit marketing during normal times can translate to marketing in the time of COVID-19. 


Here’s how COVID-19 is impacting search behavior and what it could mean for your dayparting, bidding strategies, and more.

Ad messaging is the first impression many customers will have with your brand. This article is focused on copywriting, but it can apply to ad creative as well


Whether adjusting ad copy or taking usage metrics into account, this short but impactful post can help you determine how to respond for your D2C ad campaigns


Although the screenshots in this article are specific to using the Optmyzer platform, the tips are universal and should help you think through automation and efficiency


Being productive doesn’t always refer to specific advertising tactics. This article runs through ideas for working from home and how you can stay on task

Marketing Land:

Sometimes hearing the ways that others deal with situations can help jog ideas for our own companies. Here’s a list of four stories of companies making shifts during COVID-19. 


Some industries have relied on offline advertising to drive sales, but with COVID, that’s no longer an option. So they turn to digital

Ad Badger:

Amazon’s fulfillment might have changed, but many advertisers rely on that platform to drive sales. Here are five key metrics to pay attention to

Spark Toro:

Taking a shift away from specific PPC strategies, this post was simply too good not to share here. Take a step back and observe your surroundings and make your marketing decisions accordingly. All industries, market segments, and customer bases are different. Read the Room

Thoughts from the Clix Team:

Updates from Amazon in mid-March mean that your products may no longer be fulfilled by Amazon and you should take action to make sure you’re still able to answer consumer demand. 

At Clix, we’ve always been remote and want to share a few ideas to help keep you sane during this time of quarantine