The Clix Marketing Blog’s Top 18 Posts of 2018

As we close out another year here on the Clix blog, we always think it’s worth looking back at our top performing posts. 2018 was a big year with major targeting changes in Facebook, the switchover to the new AdWords UI, and feature rollouts in Bing, just to name a few.

Let’s take a look back at our 18 most popular posts in 2018:

18. Client Onboarding Made Easy: Questions You Need to Ask

17. Google Ads Parallel Tracking: What You Need to Know

16. Cross-Device Tracking in Google Analytics

15. Are You Using Google AdWords Language Targeting Correctly?

14. Improve Your Display Campaigns With Anonymous Placement Optimization

13. What You Need to Know About YouTube Brand Lift Studies

12. 5 Important Reasons to Link Google AdWords and Analytics

11. Big Changes Coming to AdWords Ad Grants

10. Why You Should Be Investing in Video

9. Upgrading to HTTPS? Here’s Your AdWords Checklist

8. The Complete Instructive Guide: Page Feeds for Dynamic Search Ads

7. Getting Twitter Ads Access As An Agency

6. Why Good, Old-Fashioned Brainstorming Is Important In PPC

5. Google’s Custom Intent Audiences: What They Are & How To Use Them

4. Setting Up Bing Ads Tracking with Google Tag Manager

3. How to Boost Instagram Posts As an Agency

2. Time To Start Tracking Your Button Clicks In Google Tag Manager

1. How to Configure AdWords Tracking in Google Tag Manager