The Most Insanely Hard AdWords Quiz Ever!

I came across a pretty hard AdWords quiz the other day, but as I was reading through the post (it wasn’t really a quiz as much as it was a blog post) I thought “I think I could make a harder quiz that actually gives you a score.” So you know what, I did.

First, a couple of rules:

  • Rule #1 – No Google-ing for answers.
  • Rule #2 – If you insist on breaking Rule #1, you must complete the quiz in under 3 minutes.
  • Rule #3 – Share your score on Twitter using the #ppcchat hashtag so we can see how everyone fared.

Disclaimer: The quiz below is not meant to test your competency in building, managing or optimizing AdWords campaigns. It is constructed with the sole purpose of asking really, really hard questions that you probably don’t know the answer to.