The Reasons We Love Working at Clix Marketing

The reasons vary, but one thing is true for all of us at Clix Marketing; we choose to work for Clix because of the camaraderie. All team members work hard to support our clients and we value each other’s experience, contributions, and knowledge. As we grow our team and seek an experienced PPC Professional who knows Search, Display, Social and Retargeting channels – we wanted to take an opportunity to share the reasons why, individually, we enjoy working for Clix.

It will take the right person – a visionary (likely fueled by caffeine) who is self-motivated with a positive attitude, but we know there’s someone out there! Aside from occasional trips to the Bluegrass, we enjoy virtual happy hours, learning from one another and celebrating alongside one another as we hit different achievements.

Best that I don’t speak for everyone. Here’s what the team had to say was the reason they enjoy working at Clix:

Bethany Bey, Training Manager

Bethany Bey

Bethany values the support and knowledge shared. “Everyone is approachable – willing to assist,” she added.


Abby Woodcock, Efficiencies Manager

Abby Woodcock

Abby appreciates the fact that this job provides autonomy and flexibility. There is a sense of independence, but we have the support from our team and we respect the high expectations that are set.


Andrea Taylor, Outreach Manager

Andrea Taylor

Andrea realizes and appreciates the benefits from working remotely. For one, Amazon packages don’t sit on our doorsteps long and two, our pets are beyond spoiled! There is a great work-life balance, but our team makes it a point to stay in close contact and we make the most of our retreats in Kentucky!


Jill DuPre, Campaign Manager 

Jill enjoys the relationships that she has formed with clients. There is trust and mutual respect developed and she remains focused on growth, cost-effectiveness and helping the businesses reach their goals.


Michelle Morgan, Director of Client Services


Michelle knows the value of collaboration and shared knowledge. She is viewed as a leader in the PPC industry – contributing to publications, guest posts, and various speaking engagements.


Mae Flint Polczynski, President

Bethany A-5

Mae describes us as “hooligans”! All kidding aside, we would follow this woman into a fire! She’s a fierce and loyal leader – a woman we admire and respect. She is savvy, quick-witted and very sharp!


Kerri Bonner, Internal Project Manager

Kerri Bonner

I am a believer of celebrating accomplishments and recognizing the hard work of my coworkers. This is one reason we get together for our retreats. We make a positive difference for our clients, and we sure acknowledge the efforts!


Work with Clix!

If you are a self-starter and able to manage time effectively, let’s talk. If you are inquisitive and constantly looking to improve both yourself and your company by staying on top of PPC industry trends and tactics, we’re looking for you to join us. And if you’re comfortable working with data and able to develop creative, winning strategies with that data, don’t wait any longer! We hope you will join our team and find your unique reason.

We’d love to meet you and have you join our team! Please contact us through email at