Triggers to Test Using Google Tag Manager

Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager is a wicked awesome tool that enables marketers to gather data by controlling triggers, and can easily be added to a website with a snippet of code.

Google Tag Manager doesn’t provide reporting like Google Analytics; it is the connection between tracking scripts, like Google Analytics, and a website so that marketers can track visitor performance and make improvements.

Reports from Google Analytics are great, but they don’t provide a complete picture when analyzing visitor behavior or conversion points, which is where Google Tag Manager shines.

What types of conversions, events and goals can you track using Google Tag Manager? There are so many possibilities!

Here are a few ideas to get you started, and links to resources that can help you implement them using Google Tag Manager:

File Downloads – downloads of PDFs, maps, waiver forms, photos, scripts or white papers.

Email Link Clicks – great for visitors that prefer email over forms.

Timed Triggers – measure time on a page, time taken before an action, and other usability elements.

Phone Calls – perfect for tracking calls from a mobile site

Forms – learn all about form engagement, errors, and pull fields into Analytics.

Scroll Depth Tracking – great for usability testing.

What types of triggers and events do you like to use? I would love to know!