Use Location Insertion for More Relevant Responsive Search Ads

Google Ads has released a new feature that advertisers can use to make their Responsive Search Ads even more relevant to searchers. Location insertion allows you to dynamically add where your products and services are offered.

By using location insertion, your ad will automatically include city, state, or country names based on the locations of potential customers or their areas of interest. For example, your ad headline can read “Chicago Area Attorneys” or “Milwaukee Area Attorneys” based on the location you’re targeting.

This provides more efficiency to advertisers because instead of having to upload thousands of rows and manage an ad customizer file, you can customize your ads to the city, state, or country you want to show.

How Location Insertion Works

Let’s take a look at how location insertion works. Say you own a pizza delivery company with locations in major cities in the Midwest. Instead of writing individual headlines for each city, you could use a location insertion code in your ad headline.

Headline code: We deliver to {LOCATION(City)}

Google Ads will replace this code with the location in your ad group. You can select 1 location for your headline and up to 2 in your descriptions. You need at least 3 headlines without location insertion, or you can use default text. You can select to set up locations for city, state, and country.

Make sure you use proper capitalization when you’re inserting your code in your ad headline.

How To Set Up Location Insertion

  1. When you’re entering ad text, type a brace ( { ) and select “Location insertion” from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the “Default text” section, type the word or words you want to appear when the text can’t be replaced by a location. This is optional.
  3. Choose what level of the location you want to show:
    • City
    • State
    • Country
  4. Click Apply.

This is a great way to customize your responsive search ads!

Have you used location insertion in your ads? If so, let us know how it impacted performance in the comments below!