Warning: Variable AdWords Line Lengths Can Render Ads Meaningless

Following a spate of blog posts about variable AdWords ad line lengths (e.g. here and here), I decided to point out an issue for many advertisers. The video below shows ad lines expanding and contracting as the browser window is made progressively more narrow and wider.

Important lesson for PPC campaign managers: make sure your ad punctuation works correctly no matter what line length is displayed. Advertisers who don’t will see their ads rendered confusing or meaningless – see the DebtEductionServices.org ad as an example.

Many advertisers neglect to punctuate the first line of ad text correctly, which seems to be OK as long as the ad is displayed exactly as it appears in the AdWords web interface and AdWords Editor. Time to double-check all of your ads to correct this?

Play the video in full screen mod to get the effect: