What Are Your Favorite PPC Bookmarks?

For PPC pros, especially those without a huge support team, there are many aspects of our job that we do on our own. Fortunately, there are so many tools and resources out there to help make our lives and easier. Another significant part of our job is helping our clients with the resources they need to improve their PPC accounts for the components that are part of their responsibilities.

Here are some sites that our Clix Team keeps bookmarked and why we they are so beneficial to us and our clients.

Abby Woodcock

FB Text Overlay Tool

This tool can help alleviate a lot of back and forth between your client’s creative team and your team by allowing them to ensure the images meet Facebook’s text/image qualification (20% or less). It can also help alleviate ad disapprovals if you start with acceptable images right out of the gate.

Bethany Bey

Facebook Ads Library 

I use this tool for competitive research, to see what other businesses in the same verticals as my client are running for Facebook Ads. It’s also useful for clients who may not be familiar with navigating the Facebook Ads interface but want to see an overview of which ads are running and what they look like.

Sprout Social Landscape

This tool allows you to upload a photo you want to use on social media and resize it easily so you can use it across all platforms. It’s simple to use and optimizes images quickly.

Joe Martinez

YouTube Mockup Tool 

This tool is very helpful to show clients how their videos could appear as in-stream ads on Desktop and Mobile devices. I also like to use this tool for the reverse effect. Sometimes clients think their videos would be great, but when we show the preview and where the user could actually skip, it can help pause the efforts until good creative is ready.

Kristin Palmer

Add A Character Before Each Word

I know my way around Excel fairly well, but I can never remember the formula to add the plus symbol before each word when doing I’m doing keyword builds. I go back to this link every time.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Is your landing page mobile-friendly? Use this site to be sure. You can also pull a great screenshot of what your page looks like on a mobile device.

Image Compression

Have you ever received images whose file size was just too large? If you’re in time crunch or want to just compress them quickly yourself, then this tool will reduce the size of PNG or JPEG images for you.

Michelle Morgan

Google Developers Page Speed Insights

One of the most common issues we see with landing pages is the load time. In terms of assessing how fast a page can load and what changes can be made to fix it, I’ve not come across a better tool than this one.

Tim Jensen

Google URL Builder 

This tool is incredibly useful to quickly generate a URL with UTM parameters appended.


Canva’s free version provides a user-friendly interface for basic image editing, such as cropping graphics to the proper specs for social ads. Entirely browser-based, it doesn’t require installing any software on your computer, and also allows you to save images under your login.

What PPC resources do you have bookmarked? We’d love to know, so please share yours in the comments below!