Which Candy Should Go With “Witch” PPC Platform?

With it being Halloween, we decided to take a step back on the blog and pay homage to our favorite PPC channels by associating them with…what else?  CANDY!

Here is what came to my mind…


is like a good Snickers bar – it really satisfies. It’s got everything I need from Search to Maps to Images to Shopping…just the perfect reliable combination. What more can be said?


is like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – it’s a classic in our books and it’s most likely what your older audiences would choose (my dad definitely does!).  This old faithful works hard to keep up with the competition. Since the demand isn’t as high, costs are typically less, often making conversion rates higher.


is like the classic Necco Halloween candy, Mary Jane. Yahoo was insanely popular back in the day but it’s steady decline has made it a little forgotten and its one that you find that isn’t quite as popular as other Search channels.


is like Skittles – it’s the absolute favorite with younger generations.  It’s bright and sweet. Full of variety and ever-changing opportunities.


is like Kit Kats – filled with lots of layers. Sometimes you consume one at a time. Sometimes you take one big bite. It’s another surprisingly popular choice especially for those Smarties fans in the world like C Suite execs and Fortune 500 decision makers.


is like a mystery flavored Dum Dum lollipop – you just never know what you are going to get. It could be amazing or it may not be what you were expecting


is like Pop Rocks – the image pops up, it rocks, then it’s gone.  It keeps life exciting and then you move on to the next pop. You don’t see many adults using it as it’s definitely for the youngest audiences.


is like Candied Apples – so, so pretty that you hate to take a bite, but when you do, it’s worth it. Its users gear a higher end with over 40% of users having over $100k income, making it more of a niche platform.


is like Jolly Ranchers…very popular and here for the long haul. Amazon is working hard to harness the power of its huge user-base re-invent itself and its ad offerings.


is like M&Ms – it’s colorful and full of many kinds of users.  There are more Tweets per day than M&Ms produced (500 million vs 400 million). Both are quickly consumed, global, and have die-hard followings. #ppcchat anyone?


is like Fireballs or Hot Tamales..hot, hot, hot!  Facebook is still growing, still relevant, and quite powerful.  It might not be everyone’s first choice for social media, but it truly spans all generations. The targeting and audience capabilities are amazing. There is no denying that it’s strong and will keep simmering for quite some time.

Since you made it this far, here is a collection of my all-time best Halloween costumes:

Happy Halloween from the Clix Team!

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How did I do?  Did I miss the mark on a candy association with your favorite platform?  Should one of the channels have been like York Peppermint Patties (my favorite) since it’s always sweet and refreshing?  Comment below to share the candy associations that came to your mind!