Why LinkedIn Needs an Editor…ASAP!

The plinkopular idiom don’t put all your eggs in one basket is fully applicable to search marketing. As many search marketers will tell you, diversifying your marketing mix outside of just Google Search will allow for flexibility and autonomy. If you happen to be one of the marketers that applies said idiom, then LinkedIn at some point has become a focal point of media mix expansion.

Although it supplies a familiar feel as other search initiatives such as Facebook, it lacks in an important area: ease of use. The user interface can be cumbersome, which is a perfect opportunity for LinkedIn to create an editor similar to those of Facebook and Google. But why you ask, let’s take a look.


1.       Manage Your Targeting with Simplicity

It all starts with proper targeting, and within LinkedIn there are many options to hone in on. Having an editor readily available to view the vast amount of potential targeting in a one-stop-shop area would substantially improve campaign creation and expansion.


Whether you want to quickly apply targeting layers, or port over standard demographic targeting between campaigns, an editor would make these routine tasks a breeze.

2.       Quick Ad Management

Keeping ads fresh in Social Search is crucial; fatigue has a way of quickly shutting down historic performers. But when you have multiple campaigns you are in and out of daily, a lot of time can be invested in simple ad text changes. Wouldn’t it be great to see it all in one place?!

3.       Bulk Uploads!

Crafting a new campaign in LinkedIn can be a pain from a user perspective. A huge benefit to having an editor is the ability to bulk upload: campaigns, targeting, ad copy, and more!

Being able to create quicker campaigns on the whim and in bulk, would be a huge time saver, and allow for more focus on what makes the account tick.

4.       On the Fly Budget Changes

So many clicks needed to make a simple bid adjustment, sigh. A new shiny editor would make for quick bid adjustments across multiple accounts, and most importantly in no time at all!

5.       ImaLIdashboardge Libraries

Again, fighting off fatigue with fresh ad copy and images can be the crux of a successful campaign. Although LinkedIn attempts to house past used images, it still can be a pain to find just the right image across multiple campaigns. Having a fully stocked image library would make for quick campaign updates that have direct effect on CTR.