11 Chrome Extensions Every PPC Pro Should Try

I like finding clever ways to do things faster, save time, stay organized and have attention to detail. If you work in 2017 and are a PPC pro, I bet you like those things too.

One of my favorite ways to do all of this, while also doing everything else that PPC account managers do, is to use Chrome browser extensions.

Below is a list of my favorites and why they’re worth checking out.


Zest is a “new-tab feed of content suggested by marketers, for marketers.” A coworker told me about this addon and I have loved it ever since! It’s an easy way to stay up on what’s going on in marketing – no matter what section you specialize in. There are sections for B2B, Paid, Automation, Branding, Email, SaaS and more!

It’s all manually-moderated, meaning that there isn’t the spam that you would expect to see with a tool like this. You can organize the feed of articles in all different ways and sort by the most popular or the most recent content. If you’re not into Twitter, but want an easy way to stay up on what’s happening, this is your extension!

Google Tag Assistant

How many times have you gotten a new client who doesn’t know if they have had Google AdWords or Analytics in the past? How many times have you wondered if a Google tag is set up correctly? If you’re like me, both of these things happen fairly often. Tag Assistant can help you to see what Google tags are installed on a site and if you’re having problems, troubleshoot those problems. According to the description, you can check most Google tags including Analytics, AdWords conversion tracking, and Google Tag Manager. When onboarding a new client, running Tag Assistant is one of the first things I do.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Another great pixel implementation tool that I love to have in my pixel tool belt. Facebook’s pixel and conversion tracking setup can be a bit overwhelming, especially if tracking isn’t working and you don’t know why. This extension can help you to figure out what might be going wrong so that you can have a place to start. Here are some additional tips to get started with this tool.


My guess is that if you’ve ever been on Twitter, you’ve probably heard of Tweetdeck. However, there are still folks out there who don’t use it so that’s why I felt it deserved a shout-out. Twitter is a fast paced place and honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming to me. Tweetdeck helps make that better. You can create new columns based on lists, hashtags, and topics. You can organize your columns all different ways and make the most out of Twitter!



Auto-correct and spell check are great…. Sometimes. You know what’s even better? Checking blog posts and emails for grammatical mistakes without having to bug co-workers. Grammarly does that! This extension searches for errors when you’re writing in Chrome – so it’s not able to check your Apple Mail emails, unfortunately. It underlines potential problems, which you can right-click and review.

We all make grammar errors (though my college newspaper advisor would be disappointed in me) and the world is moving fast! Stay on top of your subject-verb agreement, comma usage, and repetitive words by using Grammarly.

Credit: Grammarly.com


The invention of project management accounts in Google (previously known as My Client Center) and Facebook’s Business Manager have sure saved me some headaches over the years. In addition to housing all of my client accounts in one place, they also only require one password. I feel like every site or app requires a login and password these days. It can be hard to keep up with. And since not every marketing tool that we use has a project management option, you definitely need a way to keep passwords organized and secure. Enter: LastPass.

Add this extension to your browser and not only will it store passwords, but you can also share access to accounts without giving out valuable passwords. You can also generate secure passwords, keep notes and see a list of what sites you have saved passwords.

Save to Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best ways to collaborate with co-workers and clients. The Save to Google Drive extension is another way to save web content and screenshots for later use. You can also save documents, images, audio, and video by clicking “save to Google Drive” through a browser action.

Pinterest Save Button

Pinterest is one of my favorite channels – for personal use and for clients. When you’re browsing the web and want to not only make a list, but want visual reminders that include a link, try the Pinterest Save Button. I think this is a different way of saving content and ideas than other extensions I have mentioned because it also allows you visually search to find other similar ideas across Pinterest.

Below is an example of a visual search I did for Starbucks’ “You Are Here” mug collection.



I’ve shared a lot of ways to round-up and save content, but Hootlet is what you need to share all of that content. It works with just about all the social platforms you’d want to leverage as a marketer. Whether you want to quickly share content you find across the Web or promote your own content, Hootlet is a great way to do it.


Merge Windows

Window and tab hoarders, this one is for you. I typically have multiple windows, and even more tabs, open at the same time. When you need to see everything you have up, you can use the Merge Windows extension to round everything up quickly.



I’ve talked about Toggl before. Time tracking in PPC is a great way to make sure you’re staying focused, efficient and especially if you’re a freelancer or one-man show, profitable.

Need an easy way to track your time by project? This free time-tracking tool also allows you to start and stop timing easily from the add-on. You can use the site to review the breakdown of your time and projects.


I’m in no way affiliated with any of these companies, I just love these tools and what they allow me to do.

That’s all of my favorite Chrome extensions! I hope you find these interesting and useful in your day-to-day.

What are your favorite Chrome extensions? I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments!