3 Handy Tips to Prepare for AdWords’ Device Bid Modifiers


Google announced earlier this year that device bid adjustments are coming to AdWords. This means that advertisers will have more control over desktop and tablets at the campaign or ad group level, woo-hoo! Before the days of AdWords’ enhanced campaigns, you could create campaigns that targeted your preferred device. When Enhanced Campaigns launched in 2013, it forced advertisers to set base bids for desktop and tablets together. According to Search Engine Land, with these new modifiers, you will set a default, or base bid, on one device type and have the ability to set bid adjustments from -100 percent to +900 percent. (Previously the maximum was +300 percent.)

Get ready to hit the ground running with these tips for device bid modifiers.

1. Know Where Your Current Bids Stand

This might sound trivial, but when you have mobile modifiers, geographic modifiers and ad schedule modifiers in place, you might be changing your bids significantly without knowing exactly how much you’re paying. If you have a big account with a lot of campaigns and a lot of keywords, manually figuring all of these bids is silly. I suggest checking out this AdWords script that will tell you your actual minimum and maximum bids based on your current modifiers.

From there, you can move on with further planning. (If you need some pointers on bid modifiers, be sure to check out this post.)

2. Check Device Performance Using AdWords’ Reports Editor

AdWords spruced up their Reports tab, now known as Reports Editor, about this time last year. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it has a lot of handy capabilities! You can easily drag and drop your way to a Device report that includes as many or as few of your campaigns and ad groups as you want. (See screenshot below.) This will give you a good snapshot of where you might need to make adjustments or change strategy moving forward with these new capabilities. One thing to note is that this report in Reports Editor doesn’t have the ability to show you your current mobile bid modifiers. If you need to see your mobile modifiers, that report is available in the Settings tab under Device.



3. Auction Insights Segmented by Device

Another handy report for planning device bid modifiers is the Auction Insights report segmented by Device. This report allows you to see how you’re competing by device beside your competitors in auctions. This report is useful because of the impression share, overlap rate, position above rate, top of page rate and outranking share rate columns which are all then segmented by device. Side note: if you’re looking at impression share that’s on the small side, Google likely won’t have an exact metric and will instead display “<10%” in that place instead. (See screenshot below.)



Do you have any favorite reports, scripts or tricks for managing your mobile modifiers? How are you preparing for Google’s new device modifiers? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!