5 Ways to Use Labels for Campaign Management

bigstock-labelmaker-8041651Labels can be infinitely helpful in accounts and the uses are nearly limitless but we all have our favorite ways to leverage them. Detailed below are five different ways to utilize labels to not only improve campaign management efficiency but also campaign performance.

Automated Rules and Scripts

Labels are incredibly convenient for setting up automation through rules or scripts. Automated rules and scripts can be set up based on labels to make adjustments at the campaign, ad group, keyword or ad level. For example, labels can be used to group elements based upon performance and then automation can be utilized to make changes based upon performance groupings.

Running Tests

Labels are great for organizing and monitoring test groups. Whether it be destination URLs, ad copy tests, or bid changes – labels can be used to mark the components of the test. This allows for simple monitoring and reporting of the test. As performance data comes in, labels can be changed to reflect different test groups and outcomes for subsequent tests.

Scheduling Changes

Okay, this goes along with the ‘Automated Rules’ point above, admittedly, but it deserves its own bullet. One of the major benefits of labels are that they can be used to automate changes in an account, such as turning ad copy on and off, increasing and decreasing budgets and turning various components on and off.


Labels can help group components together that may not be organized in an otherwise logical manner. For instance, if you wished to report upon a group of ad groups from different campaigns – labels could be used to quickly and easily pull performance.

Monitoring New Ads and Keywords

Have you ever added keywords to your account and later wondered how they were performing? Unless you add your keywords one ad group at a time, it can be difficult to distinguish new keywords from existing keywords in the account. This can be dangerous, as new keywords can start to rack up spend under the radar. Labeling new elements as they are added to the campaign is a good practice because it makes it easy to monitor their performance.

Bonus Tip: Add Labels Using Scripts

Wish there was a way to add labels to your AdWords account without repeatedly manually adding them yourself? Well, you’re in luck! You can use scripts to automatically add labels to different pieces of your campaigns and then, as I mentioned above, you can use scripts to make changes based upon those labels!

How do you use labels? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.