Advanced YouTube Sessions from SMX Munich

smx munich youtube advertising

Last week, our own Joe Martinez was invited to speak in two sessions on YouTube advertising at SMX Munich. His first session was on advanced tactics for YouTube ads and focused on the targeting options marketers of all industries can use to reach their audience. His second session was on TrueView for Shopping (YouTube Shopping) campaigns and how to build product awareness with a combination of video ads and product feeds. If you couldn’t make the trip to Munich, we have the slides for you right here.

Advanced Tactics for YouTube Ads

Session Description: Investment in video advertising is growing rapidly, particularly on mobile. With more options to grab audience attention on more channels, brands and performance advertisers with all types of budgets are seeing the power of digital video ads. And while YouTube may not lead to immediate, direct return, it will help boost your brand perception (if your initial targeting is precise) and grow awareness to drive future searches. In this session attendees will learn how they can do so much better than basic remarketing and reach significantly higher engagement rates. Joe will show you how to effectively invest in visual media, segment audiences, what type of video content works for which type of audience (at which place in the funnel), how to effectively target competitor audiences on YouTube as well as new, custom interest audiences.

Combining YouTube with Shopping Campaigns to Push More Revenue

Session Description: YouTube can be more than building awareness. We can use YouTube to drive action. Yes, even for E-Commerce companies. With TrueView for Shopping, advertisers have a variety of options to promote their products with the goal of encouraging users to consider your products in the future. And in many cases, we can have YouTube campaigns that drive revenue and have high ROAS. This session will show attendees how. In this session Joe will go over the important components of setting up a YouTube Shopping campaign. He will cover how crucial audience targeting can be for campaign success and how to measure the value of your YouTube shopping campaigns including how to evaluate YouTube’s success beyond direct revenue.