Making Plans Using the AdWords Display Planner

There are the millions of websites on the inter-web; getting in front of customers during their normal web activity, and connecting with them at right time takes research and smart planning.Planning-like-a-boss

Google Display Planner is an AdWords tool that generates ideas when you know who you want to reach, but aren’t sure where to do that.

Using historical data from the Display Network, the planner can make suggestions based on what you do know about your customers.

What are they thinking about?

Find an audience by what keywords they use, topics they are interested in, or themes of websites they visit.

Even with a broad topic, Display Planner can gather then narrow down targeting for ad groups and campaigns based on a few keywords.

So, how many people are we talking about?

An important part of the Display Planner is that it estimates impressions based on any size budget or bidding strategy.  Impressions are based on estimated available network inventory from the last 7 to 30 days.

Are these your people?

Each layer that is added to the plan will also generate demographic estimates including age, gender, parental status. Pay attention to the estimates as they build; does this match you’re target audience, or what you know about them?

Where do you want to be?

Display Planner allows for filtering ideas by type of ad and ad format. Where does it make sense for your ads to be? Just on websites? Or, is your audience on mobile apps or watching videos?

#DigIntoDisplay with a few #LifeProTips

  • The planner makes it easy to add in and take out topics, dial in an audience, and get super specific with placements.
  • Keep campaigns and ad groups tightly themed so that its easier to measure goals and stay organized.  
  • Use Remarketing Lists and Similar Audiences to discover new ideas, and to add another layer on to your display strategy.