Analyze Better: The Quick & Easy Ecommerce Efficiency Report

Get a better view of what is and isn't working.

Get a better view of what is and isn’t working.

As digital marketers, our plates are usually full. Many of us are balancing multiple client accounts and we’re always looking for ways to execute our tasks more quickly and efficiently – especially when it comes to reporting. If you have an Ecommerce account and you’ve been looking for an easy way to review campaign performance you’re in luck! Today I’ll be walking you through a report we review weekly for one of our accounts that’s easy to create and acts as a quick reference for us to analyze which campaigns are rocking and which are not.

Google Analytics Is Where It All Begins

The three metrics we use in this report from Google Analytics are Sessions, Revenue and Transactions, so you’ll need to first ensure you have Ecommerce tracking set up in the account. To get started on the report, log into the Analytics account and set your date range for the timeframe you want to review. For our account, we review the report weekly looking at past 30 days data. After that, navigate to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium in the left-hand sidebar.




From there, navigate to the search box and search for ‘cpc’ to filter for only paid search campaigns.




The last filter you’ll want to use is for Campaign so you can see data by campaign in the report. Just click on the ‘Secondary dimension’ button and type ‘campaign’ in the search bar.




From there, be sure to scroll down and expand the ‘Show rows’ number, in the bottom right-hand corner, to include your total number of campaigns. Then just choose ‘Export’ at the top.




Now you’re ready to rock and roll! Head to Tab 2 of your newly exported file and delete the % New Sessions, New Users, Bounce Rate, Pages/Session and Avg. Session Duration columns (unless of course these are metrics you’d like to review). You’ll then create new columns for AOV (average order value), Per Session Value, Spend and Efficiency. The following are the formulas for the custom columns:

  • AOV = Revenue / Transactions
  • Per Session Value = Revenue / Sessions
  • Efficiency (or ROAS) = Revenue / Spend


Then your report can look as follows:



As you can see, we even customized our Efficiency column with colored cells to make review even simpler – we can easily scan and see which campaigns have red efficiency cells and probably need immediate review, and which have yellow cells and might need review. For high efficiency campaigns, in green, you could ensure their budgets are maxed out and/or you could consider expanding those campaigns with additional ad groups/products. You could also pivot the data and review efficiency by channel…there are lots of options here. Ultimately, we’ve found the value of this report far outweighs the few minutes it takes to compile it.


How about you? Do you have other quick & easy Ecomm reports that have added value to your account analyses? Let us know in the comments!