Click Share Metric Coming to Search Campaigns

Google has announced that the click share metric will be rolling out for Search campaigns over the next few weeks. Click share has been available in Shopping campaigns since 2015. If you aren’t familiar with the metric, let’s take a look at what it measures.

What is Click Share?

Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that you have received. Google analyzes all ad auctions over the course of the day and included both auctions where your ad appeared on the SERP and auctions where your ad competed but did not show on the SERP.

So, if your keyword has 100 clicks and your click share is 50% that means there are an estimated 100 additional clicks your keyword did not receive both in auctions your ad appeared and in auctions it competed but did not appear.

Click Share = Clicks / Total Achievable Cicks

If you see “–” in the click share column, that means there aren’t enough clicks to estimate click share.

google ads click share

You can use click share to understand where you have the potential to capture more traffic. This metric is available at the Campaign, Ad Group and Keyword level for Search campaigns. For Shopping campaigns, it’s available for the Product Group, Campaign, Ad group, and Shopping Attributes. You can find click share under the Competitive metrics category.

Remember, if you don’t see this column available in your account, check back in a few weeks.

How to Increase Click Share

There can be many reasons you are losing clicks, so let’s take a look at a few ways to improve your click share.

Increase Impression Share

You can’t get a click without an impression. Increasing impression share means your ads are showing in the auctions more often, giving more people a chance to click. Impressions can be lost due to budget or ad rank, so look into increasing your budgets, bids, and ad quality to make sure ads are appearing on the SERP.

Improve Ad Rank

If you have a high impression share, making changes to improve your ad rank can put your ads in higher positions making them more visible to searchers. You can again increase your bids or adjust your ads to get a higher quality score, improving your overall ad rank.

I already regularly look at impression share for my search campaigns, especially for my best performing keywords to see if I’m getting as many impressions as I can. Being able to view click share as well will be helpful to see if changes need to be made to get more clicks for these keywords.

What do you think about click share? Will it be a metric you look at often? Let us know in the comments below!