Google, Yahoo and Microsoft by the Numbers

The Wall Street Journal just released a nice comparison of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo revenue and profit data. Click on the thumbnails for larger views; there’s an interactive version here.

Some observations:

  • Yahoo’s fortunes seemed rosy in the 2.5 years after the Overture acquisition. They owned the search advertising space right up until the collision of Google’s superior AdWords UI with the rather disastrous Panama rollout. Wall Street noticed.
  • Interesting that the launch of Microsoft adCenter isn’t included as a milestone. The launch didn’t affect the MS stock price, but it would at least fit the context of the graph.
  • Impressive revenue per employee multiples: Microsoft = $690K, Google = $987K. Clix revenue per employee is almost as high as Microsoft’s – yessss!
  • What makes up $3.94 billion of Google non-advertising revenue?!?
  • Looks like Christmas 2007 shoppers boosted Google traffic by a huge amount – and they stayed post-Christmas.