How To Use Google Ads Conversion Action Sets

When you set up conversion actions in your Google Ads account, you are given the option on whether to include each action in the “Conversions” reporting column. Data in this column is used by automated bidding strategies to optimize your bids. If you choose not to include a conversion action in the “Conversions” column the automated bidding strategies won’t bid for these conversions.

This is an account-level setting, but what if different campaigns within your account drive different conversions? Let’s say you are running campaigns for different apartment complexes. Some complexes allow people to schedule a tour while others want to drive people to fill out lead forms on the website. If you have campaigns that are meant to drive different conversion actions, you can create conversion action groups to use for reporting and bid optimization.

What are Conversion Action Sets?

Conversion action sets allow you to create a set of conversion actions that you can use in campaign settings to select which conversions to optimize for and count in the “Conversions” column at the campaign level. These sets of conversion actions can also be shared across a group of campaigns, which are all intended to drive the same actions.

Using conversion action sets allows you to edit your conversion goals once but have those goals apply to as many accounts or campaigns as you need, saving you time.

Before you can use conversion action sets, you need to set up conversion tracking and have at least 2 different conversions actions.

How To Set Up Conversion Action Sets

To set up conversion action sets, go into Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions. Click on Conversion Action Sets at the top of the page.

Click the blue button to add new conversion action sets and select the conversion actions you want to include in your set.

google conversion action sets

Once you create a conversion action set, you can edit or delete within this same section. Simply select the set you want to change and choose Edit or Delete from the Edit drop down menu. If you want to delete a set, you’ll have to remove it from any campaigns currently using it first.

conversion action set

To assign a conversion action to a campaign, go to the Conversions section in campaign settings. This setting controls which conversion actions are reported in the “Conversions” column for this campaign and the actions your bid strategies will optimize.

The default setting is to use the account level “Include in Conversions” setting. To override this setting, select the option to choose a single conversion action or a conversion action set.

campaign conversion action set

Your campaign will now report and optimize for your selected conversion action set. If you’d like to double check that your conversion actions are tracking properly, check out Try This Chrome Extension to Test Google Conversion Tracking.

Have you used conversion action sets in your Google Ads account? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!