Keeping Up Your Google and Bing Certifications – Good and Good for You!


We have all asked the same question and statement about certifications. “Didn’t I just take that test a few weeks ago? It can’t have expired already!“ Fret not. Certifications on the Google AdWords and Bing Ads platforms bring many advantages in addition to the fun and excitement of reliving your school memories cramming for exams (caffeine pills and hangover not included). Here are 4 reasons that certifications are good for your clients, your team and you.

Prove to potential clients you are up to date on programs

Winning over new clients is difficult enough. You must take advantage of every chance to prove you have the experience and knowledge to conquer their campaigns. In that effort, you stack your website with case studies, tweet out the best tips and articles you write or find, and speak whenever possible at conferences. Certification might seem like a small part of that equation, but Google and Bing vouching for your expertise in their platforms carries weight. Potential clients might not overtly refer to certifications when they stack you up against the competition, but every little advantage helps.

Using the Google and Bing Trust Symbols to your advantage

Passing your exam comes with a great sense of person pride, but more importantly, a prize! Being a Google Certified Partner, or Bing Ads Accredited Professional allows the use of their badges. You say “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” Actually, using the badges as trust symbols on your website and printed marketing materials adds powerful image of validity to your message. These badges say to your current and future clients that you possess a powerful knowledge of their platforms and the ability to use it.

adwords_certified_partner_web_EN Clix Marketing - Bing Accredited Professional

Show your team you know your stuff

Competition between companies to gain clients, advantages and status elevates everyone’s game.   Healthy competition among team members also provides benefits to everyone. Create a fun competition over certification scores between team members. The competition remains positive by revealing only the highest score rather than ranking teammates by score. Even something simple or inexpensive as recognition at a team event, or a team lunch to announce the winner of the certification scores contest provides both a sense of team and the motivation to work hard at the certification process. The advantages show in each team members greater knowledge of the platform and higher sense of teamwork.

Show off your profiles in Bing “Find a Pro” and Google “Find a Google Partner” directories

Rather than scratching and biting for every client, let Google and Bing draw more potential clients to you. With certification, both Google and Bing add your profile to their network exposing your profile to thousands of clients looking for your services. The directories provide contact information for your company, services listings and your supported verticals. Keeping these profiles up dated and accurate gives you the best chance of landing clients who are actively looking for your help. All for just the cost of an exam and a small amount of your time.

Buy a bunch of #2 pencils and start studying

OK, no real requirement to buy the #2 pencils, but studying and taking the exams gives your current and potential clients, your team members and you many great advantages.  Take the exams on your schedule in the convenience of your office, home or home-office. Considering the low threshold of time and money, put the exam on your schedule and make time for study. You will learn some things you didn’t know and get all the great benefits offered by Google and Bing.

Seriously. Pull up that calendar. We are waiting….