Match Type Battle Royale, SMX East Style!

buying-cheap-boxing-gloves-onlineLast week something magical happened. The kind folks at SMX indulged my goofy side (well, Ginny Marvin did) and ran with a crazy idea. A panel designed as a battle around match type segmentation strategies. While I personally failed at showing up with props, Ginny had her boxing gloves and the rest of us showed up with moxie.

The premise? There are distinct camps in the PPC industry, so let’s have a throw down to argue their pros and cons.

  • Alpha/beta strategy + SKAGs = one methodology to rule them all. Susan Waldes argued for this side.
  • Alpha/beta strategy + SKAGs = a sure fire way to develop carpel tunnel syndrome and chronic migraines. I argued for this side.
  • International PPC means throw everything you know about match types out the window. Katy Tonkin presented this piece of the puzzle.

Good times where had by all. A few laughs. A few tears. But at the end of the day, one message prevailed: “it depends.” There is a time and place for extreme segmentation, by match type or any other element, and that is wholly dependent on the needs of your account/campaign. Arm yourself with an understanding of the different approaches and decide what should work best for you and test away!

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