My New Favorite B2B Lead Gen Tool: Bizible

imagesOver the last couple years, lead gen accounts have been making some changes. First, success was determined solely by the number of leads you produced. Then it wasn’t just the volume, but the quality of leads. Then we started paying attention to if leads were moving through the sales funnel. Now, we consider success to be if your leads are generating customers and producing good levels of revenue.

Sounds like a relatively easy progression, and it is. It’s become such a basic assumption that it actually drives John Lee nuts when people don’t track those steps from click to sale. The problem is actually being able to track each of these phases in a meaningful way. My career as an agency PPC pro has been focused a good deal on B2B lead gen accounts. I love them and they love me (I think). In the past, we’ve relied on data provided by clients either in a spreadsheet or a simple tally in an email to convey how the leads we were producing were moving through their funnel. But over the past couple of months, one of my clients has begun using Bizible, and I gotta be honest. I’m a big fan.

I’ll tell you up front, this is not a sponsored post. No one at Bizible knew I was going to write this. I’m simply writing about something that’s top of mind and, in my opinion, a very important step in the right direction.

What is Bizible?

B2B marketing attribution. Simple enough right? Absolutely. The Bizible system integrates with your CRM system (either Salesforce or Dynamics, currently) and creates a dashboard showing you how your leads are moving through your funnel. Check out the screenshot below to get an idea of what it looks like.


Pretty nifty, eh? There’s a section covering problematic campaigns (high cost, low returns), promising campaigns, and a fun little funnel visualization showing how you’re flowing from impressions to sales. Like all pieces of new-ish software, there are some pros and cons. Below are my thoughts after having dug into Bizible to a level so that I would classify myself as having a working knowledge of the tool.


  1. Integrations with AdWords & Bing Ads: The system has easy integrations between the two leading PPC platforms which will allow you to see data from the platforms such as impressions, clicks, cost, and converted clicks merged with lead flow data following your funnel steps already set up in Salesforce of Dynamics.
  2. User Management: You can add users to our account through Bizible so they can see data without needing access to your Salesforce account. This is ideal for folks who want to be a little more confidential with their Salesforce account but still want the data easily accessed by someone else. *cough* PPC agencies *cough*.
  3. All Channels Included: Bizible isn’t just for PPC. It can and does also track organic, social, referral, email, etc. All of your channels can be seen in Bizible if they can be seen in your Salesforce account.


  1. Dashboard Upgrades: The dashboard is a pretty good improvement over an Excel sheet, but there’s certainly some pieces that could be improved for usability. The date ranges aren’t very flexible. You can only see data in increments of a month or month to date. The columns in the bottom portion of the dashboard don’t remember the columns you chose from one login to another, so they need to be reset fairly often.
  2. Bing Integration: Admittedly, my experience here is skewed. Currently, we’re having trouble integrating Bing data clearly into the dashboard. It’s coming through, but isn’t matching up perfectly, so there’s some fixes that need to be made here.
  3. Price: Depending on your business and how much revenue you bring in per month, the software may be a little pricey. The good news is that they’re pricing sheet is actually live on the site, so you can get an idea of what features you’ll get and at what price. Gotta admit, it’s pretty refreshing to see the actual price of something on their website.
  4. Social PPC is included with organic Social: Ideally, there would be a dashboard that shows all efforts flowing through the cpc medium, but at the moment, social campaigns are left on the Social Dashboard and have to be filtered out manually. The data is still there and still just as actionable, just not in the same place as other data. More of an inconvenience that a lacking.

Overall, the Bizible tool is a very strong piece of tech for B2B companies to employ to help their own marketing efforts and share their Salesforce data easily with their PPC agency. To my knowledge, there aren’t any major competitors to Bizible at the moment, so they’re to go to shop. If there are other I’m missing, please share them. Would love to check them out and compare.

What do you use to track your lead gen accounts from lead to close? Have you used Bizible before? What are your thoughts on it? Like it, love it, gotta have it?