New And Helpful Features In the New AdWords Interface

AdWords announced last year that they would be rolling out a new user interface during 2017, along with a handful of new features and tools.

So far I have mixed feelings about the UI; normally I just want to navigate to what information I need, and avoid being annoyed trying to find it (where is the Dimensions tab?!), and other times I’m impressed with the new reporting options and helpful features that are only available in the new interface.

The new Overview tab provides a lot of data that requires a bit of digging in the old interface, so I imagine that it will just take some getting use to.

Here are a few of my favorite improvements to the AdWords experience that are available now:

Landing Page Assessment Tool

Get insights on landing page performance in one screen with this new AdWords tool. This report displays which URLs in your AdWords account are mobile friendly, drive the most sales, or require fixes to improve visitor experience. You can easily identify which pages get the most clicks, but aren’t mobile-friendly, and is a good visualization what website updates you should prioritize.

Popular Search Terms Report

The Searches report shows which words searchers are using most to find your website. Unlike the existing Search Term report, this feature is a visualization of single search terms across campaigns, and is another tool to help refine keywords for better performance.

Call Bid Adjustments

A new bid adjustment option in the latest user interface controls how often call information appears on mobile ads.

For example, if you see a higher value from calls rather than website visits from a campaign, adjusting the bid to show the call extension more often makes sense. The call bid adjustment ranges from -90% to +900%.

Historically we have not had the choice of which ad extension appears on each ad, so this is an exciting feature.

Identify Redundant Keywords

Identifying duplicate keywords across an account use to be a report only available in AdWords Editor or a 3rd party campaign management tool; but in the new user interface it’s a prominent notification. Of course there are reasons for duplicate keywords in an account, but if it is not part of the strategy this new feature allows you to quickly remove it.



Presently, Google is allowing advertisers to switch back and forth from the old to the new interface, which I find helpful; but I’m still hesitant to make the complete switch over. If you’re hesitant to give the new interface a shot, hopefully these new features will help you to navigate the new interface and make the most of it.

Have you tired the new AdWords interface, or have to made the complete switch? What do you like, detest, or find helpful? I would love to hear from you in the comments!