Pump Up Your Brand With The Display Network

Google’s Ad Display Network is big – really, really big.

Last week comScore published it’s ranking of online activity and reported that the GDN has over 2 million publishing sites that reach over 90% of internet users worldwide.Pump Up With GDN

There really is an infinite amount of opportunities to reach customers.

If you have considered using Display Advertising to pump up your brand, here are a few more reasons that you should dig in and do it.

Do You Like New Customers?
How likely are you buy something from a brand that you have never heard of?

Weather it’s a pair of socks or a pair skis, no one wants to waste money. The GDN provides an opportunity to gain brand awareness from customers who don’t yet know that they need your product.

Great for Niche Markets
Display ads on the GDN are different because they don’t reach active searchers, making it a smart solution for products that have a small search volume.

A well developed Display strategy and smart placements can generate a buzz for even the smallest niches and customer groups.

Images Ads Work
Search Text ads are very profitable when managed well, but they don’t work for every industry. Display Ads are an opportunity to attract new customers with compelling, enticing images.

Test All Of The Things!
Display ads are multifaceted, providing an unlimited number of areas to develop, test, then repeat. From calls-to-action and messaging, to images and sizing, the GDN is your knowledge oyster for testing ads before using the message on other advertising platforms.

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