The BIG List: Facebook Ad Resources & Guides

Facebook (and sister platform Instagram) are rolling out new features and capabilities all the time. Between the new ad types, interface updates and more, it can be a lot to keep up with.

So we wanted to put together an all-encompassing list of useful links for Facebook ad management.

Facebook Ad Basics:

Updated Ads Manager

First,  it’s important to note that Facebook very recently updated the Ads Manager and Power Editor tools into one interface. Because of this, some of the articles outlined below might look a little different than what you see in the interface. You can visit Facebook Advertiser Help to see the updates.

The Agency Guide to Setting Up Facebook Business Manager by Zato Marketing

Business Manager is the easiest way for agencies to manage client accounts or for multiple folks to have the access points they need for a Facebook Page and/or ad account. This guide will walk you through getting started with Business Manager and what to consider during setup. It includes answers to a lot of common questions.

Getting Started with Facebook via Search Engine Watch

If you need to brush up on Facebook campaign setup, this is an all-encompassing guide to the process.

Facebook Blueprint: Facebook’s Certification Program

Similar to Google AdWords’ and Bing Ads’ certification programs, Blueprint includes multiple courses about all that Facebook and Instagram have to offer advertisers. Once you have learned everything you need to know, you can earn the Facebook Blueprint certification by taking an exam.


Facebook Pixel Helper

Pixel installation and troubleshooting can be a major pain point for agencies and for clients. Install Facebook Pixel Helper in your Chrome browser to troubleshoot errors. This is one of our favorite Chrome extensions and is definitely worth bookmarking for future use.

Facebook & Google Tag Manager Integration

If you use Google Tag Manager, this Facebook integration is worth using. Our how-to guide will help you get setup and moving.

Connecting Instagram and Facebook Accounts

With Instagram gaining popularity, here is how you go about connecting an Instagram account to a Facebook Business Page.

Setting Up Facebook Ads

In addition to some of the most advanced targeting options in PPC, Facebook also has many different ad types. Here are links to all of the guides you need for the different ad types in Facebook.

Getting Started With Image Ads

Oberlo has a great guide to selecting images and setting up basic image ads. Their guide also includes videos, which can be a great break from reading long articles.

Facebook Lead Ads

This is one of my favorite ad types in Facebook because of the potential it has to be powerful and quick, which is great for B2B clients. Get started with the article above from Facebook, which include great tips like how to download your leads from Facebook and saving drafts. If you’re more advanced at Lead Ads, check out my post on making the most of your ads.

Carousel Ads

For advertisers who are looking for a way to tell a story, Facebook’s Carousel Ads have you covered.

Image courtesy of Facebook

Before you launch your next Carousel ads, check out this guide to Carousel ad storytelling by Clix’s own Michelle Morgan.

Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

Only being released to all advertisers in October 2017, this ad type is a new offering. Select multiple images, bodies of text and link URLs to create up to 28 unique assets to test.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Another very new feature from late 2017 is the ability to advertise within Facebook’s Messenger App. These ads show only to Facebook mobile users within the Home tab of the Messenger App. Our own Abby Woodcock wrote a great piece on getting started with these ads that you don’t want to miss!

Facebook Canvas Ads

These ads are mobile-optimized, full-screen ads that are designed for a more immersive ad experience. This ad has been around since early 2016, but not all advertisers have utilized these ads to their full potential. Canvas ads offer advertisers the ability to use pre-built templates or build from scratch. Check out specs, tips and see examples in this article from Instapage.

Mobile App Ads

These ads aim to get folks on mobile devices to install or interact with your mobile app. There is a bit of setup that will need to be done by a software developer ahead of setting up those ads. Get started with the technical instructions here.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook’s video ads are a great way to interact with potential customers. The link above includes a guide to setup ads plus great tips to make the most of this ad type from the folks at Wordstream.

Dynamic Product Ads 

You’ll need a product feed set up to utilize this ad type. This ad type is a form of remarketing, where Facebook determines the products to serve customers based on what they have browsed previously. You can also use these ads to prospect on Facebook. Get started with the dynamic product ad link above from Practical eCommerce.

Collection Ads

These very shoppable product ads offer the unique ability to bring the offline catalog online. Facebook rolled out some changes to these ads in late 2017, which allows more advertisers to use this ad type. You can create a collection ad using dynamic ads targeting either by retargeting folks or through a custom audience of folks who might be interested in your products. Use the link above to get started creating these ads.

Split Testing Ads

This is one of my favorite Facebook features. Get started with the guide from Susan Wenograd which has great tips on making the most of this tool.

Ad Sizes

Get up to date with the latest creative specs and technical requirements for ads on Facebook. These change fast so make sure to bookmark this page.

Ad Mockups

If you’re wondering what an ad will look like, use this handy Creative Hub tool to create a mockup. This includes the ability to create mockup Canvas and video ads as well.

Text Overlay

Images with too much text on them may be underdelivered by Facebook. This tool helps you identify potential performance issues due to too much text.


Facebook Audiences

Custom Audiences

This simple upload into Ads Manager can help you include or exclude folks from your Facebook advertising efforts.

Assessing Audience Overlap

One single potential customer could be in several of your audiences on Facebook, drastically reducing the number of potential people you’re able to reach. Prevent ad fatigue and assess overlap potential of your audiences with this guide from our own Michelle Morgan.

Other Tools for Facebook Ad Management

Audience Insights

There is a lot to be learned from Facebook’s Audience Insights tool. We love the guide to Audience Insights linked above from KlientBoost. Get started with Audience Insights and then check out these tips from PPC Hero about how to use this information to target competitor audiences.


Looking for ways to save time with Facebook management? Utilize Facebook’s reporting features to schedule and create custom reports.

2018 Facebook Ad Metric Updates

Some changes are coming to how advertisers see metrics in the Facebook interface. Jon Loomer has the whole rundown on his site so make sure to check out what will be happening so you’re not caught off guard.

Editing Ads in Ads Manager Using Excel

If you’re looking to save more time on Facebook, this is your golden ticket. You can easily make changes to multiple campaigns, ad sets and ads with Excel by using exporting and importing ads.

Ads Manager App for Management On the Go

If you travel at all, it would only help you to have the Ads Manager App on your smartphone for quick campaign review. You can’t do everything that you would do on a desktop, but you can check on performance and pause campaigns if needed. Get started on your mobile device (depending on your operating system) at the link above.

Monthly Updates 

Facebook publishes their monthly updates at the link above (so you can keep up with the changes). One of my favorite monthly round up posts is the “Top Facebook Updates That You Can’t Afford to Miss” that AdEspresso writes.

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