The BIG List: Google Tag Manager Guides & Resources

Google Tag Manager is one of our favorite tools here at Clix and we highly recommend it to any clients who are not already utilizing it. GTM allows tags to be easily implemented and managed in one place. It saves time and reduces the errors that can be made when setting up tags.

If you’re a PPC pro in 2018, chances are you have used Google Tag Manager. While many of the setup processes are the same across the different channels, there are differences in which channels have easy integrations with GTM and how the setup for each is handled. Because of those differences, we wanted to put together an all-in-one guide for Google Tag Manager.

Beginner’s Guides to Google Tag Manager

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager by Hubspot

If you need a how-to guide on setting up an account or installing the initial Google Tag Manager tags on your site, you can get started with this guide. This post also outlines the basics of setting up tags and triggers.

Complete Guide to Google Tag Manager by IPullRank

If you’re someone who wants to fully understand all of the intricacies of this tool before jumping in, check out this guide. It includes 13 chapters of information on everything from auto events tracking to setting up users for GTM and everything in between.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Tag Manager by Digital Marketer

This is a similar how-to guide as the links above, but this 3 part guide includes a lot of the “what”, “why” and “how” which can be key for understanding GTM. ( This is especially helpful if you’re like me you want to understand why you’re doing something instead of just doing it.)

Google Tag Manager Tutorial 2018: Complete Guide for Beginners by Jason Whaling

If you’re looking for a more interactive way to learn about GMT, this is a 20-minute video on the basics of GTM including account setup, tag install, Google Analytics, the Facebook pixel and Google Ads tags.

Google Tag Manager Tutorial 2018 by Optimize Smart

This is another all-encompassing guide to GTM including information about variables, templates, pagination and data layers.

Individual GTM Channel Guides

How to Configure Google Ads (AdWords) Tracking in Google Tag Manager

Complete with screenshots, it’s everything you need to know to configure this tag solution for Google Ads remarketing and conversion tracking.

Facebook and Google Tag Manager Integration

This direct integration allows advertisers to create tags within Facebook Business Manager.

How to Configure Google Analytics in Google Tag Manager

Many older advertisers have their Analytics code hard-coded into their site but this is another option. Also, learn how to track custom events like form tracking.

How to Setup Bing Ads Tracking in Google Tag Manager

Here is how to set up the UET tag, global Bing Tag and conversion tracking.

How to Configure the LinkedIn Insight Tag with Google Tag Manager

Get started with conversion tracking in the popular B2B platform with this guide.

How to Set Up the Twitter Ads with Google Tag Manager

Configure the Universal Twitter Tag and create the GTM tag with this how-to post.

How to Set Up Google Tag Manager for Additional PPC & Paid Social Platforms

Pinterest, Yahoo Gemini, Quora, Outbrain, and Taboola are all covered here.

Advanced Google Tag Manager Guides

Simo Ahava’s Blog: Advanced #GTMTips Guides

Some of our favorites useful guides are Multiple GTM Containers on the Page, Debug Change History in GTM and Send Google Analytics Tag to Multiple Properties. Simo has 100+ analytics and GTM tips posts, so if there is something you’re looking for, check this blog out first.

Tracking Button Clicks in Google Tag Manager

Tracking button clicks is a handy, but more advanced, use for GTM. This guide is easy to follow, even for newbies.

Triggers to Test Using Google Tag Manager

If you’re looking for ways to implement and track file downloads, email link clicks, timed triggers, phone calls, forms and scroll depth tracking, you can find how-tos here!

LunaMetrics’ Guides to GTM

This is another one of our favorite blogs that consistently covers GTM. They offer a lot of troubleshooting guides and very useful advanced applications for the tool.

Google’s Developer Guide to GTM

Don’t let the developer in the title fool you, there is a lot on this site that can be useful for the non-developer types too.

We hope this helps you learn more about Google Tag Manager and find some new resources to continue your learning.

We’d love to hear about your favorite GTM guides and tutorials so please share your tips and links in the comments!