The BIG List: Tons of Scripts to Save You Tons of Time

Scripts have been available in Google Ads since 2012 and have become an account automation staple since then. In November 2018, Bing Ads made this handy feature available as well. Since Bing Ads scripts are still in Beta, some account elements are supported, like bids and budgets, but there are still some unsupported entities.

I thought it’d be helpful to provide a walkthrough of how to set these up in Bing Ads and provide an updated big list of scripts, all of which can be used in Google Ads and some of which can be used in Bing Ads.

Bonus: if you are currently running scripts in Google, you can conveniently copy/paste your script(s) into Bing and the system will automatically adjust it for compatibility.

Setting up Scripts in Bing Ads

To set up a script, head into one of your accounts and click on the ‘Bulk Operations’ option in the lefthand menu and there you’ll see ‘Scripts (Beta)’:

From there, you can choose ‘Create and Manage Scripts’ from the bottom of the Bulk Operations page:

Similar to Google Ads, you’ll be taken to a page that shows your list of scripts if any have been created, and you can also choose the green ‘Create script’ button to create a new one:

If you choose to create a new script, you’ll be taken here where you can name your script, paste it in and adjust it as needed:

You can also Preview the script, run it and save it. You’ll also notice the ‘Scripts documentation‘ link which will give you an overview of Bing Ads scripts, as well as the ‘Examples‘ link where you can see available script types and example code.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of where to set up scripts in Bing Ads, let’s get to the ever-growing list of helpful scripts!

The Big List of Scripts

Bid Management Scripts

24 Hour Bidding

Real-Time Position Bidding

Weather Based Bidding

Auto Refresh Weather Data

Implement TV Schedule Bid Coordination

Budget Management Scripts

Limit AdWords Overdelivery

Overspending Alert

Advanced Budget Management

Ad Management Scripts

Fix Ad Capitalization Errors

Update Countdown Ads with New Dates

Identify Duplicate Ads

Keyword Management Scripts

Pause Keywords with Zero Impressions

Simplify Negative Keyword Management with a Master Negative List

Associated Search Analysis

Check Close Variants

Device Focused Scripts

Heat Maps for Device Performance

Analyze Mobile Performance with PageSpeed Insights

Inventory Focused Scripts

Disable Ads and Keywords For Out of Stock Items

Automate Ad Management with the Inventory-based Script

Account Performance & Structure

Track Quality Score

Utilize Account Auditor to Confirm Consistent Account Structure

Track Monthly Projections

Export Daily Metrics

Account Anomaly Detector

Evaluate Search Query Performance Using N-Grams

Evaluate Search Query Performance Using N-Grams + Quality Score (esp. great for Grant accounts)

Other Handy Scripts

Copy Audiences to Campaigns

Sync Your Keyword & Ad Labels

Auction Insights

Create Dynamic Ad Extensions

Set Up Advanced A/B Testing

Identify Under Performing GDN Placements

Load One AdWords Script Into Multiple Accounts

Bulk Shopping Ad Group Creator

Link Checker

Larger-scale Link Checker

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, scripts are powerful, time-saving tools that I think many of us could do a better job of implementing in our accounts. Once you get the hang of them I doubt you’ll ever go back to managing your accounts without them. If you’d like to see even more scripts, check out these additional resources:



Free AdWords Scripts


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What are your favorite scripts? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!