Updates to Bing Ads Automated Extensions

Bing Ads automated extensions save advertisers time by using AI to analyze huge amounts of data and find more effective ways to supplement your text ads with extensions. There are currently 10 automated extensions and Bing has launched some new updates to how advertisers can manage these extensions.

How Automated Extensions Work

Bing Ads collects gathers data to ensure the right extensions appear at the right time. This data can come from the content on your website, your ad descriptions, a user’s Bing query, Bing Shopping feeds, and 3rd party sources like Twitter or consumer reviews. If an automated extension can improve your ad performance, Bing Ads will automatically display it below your ad.

The 10 current automated extensions include:

1. Automated Locations

Includes the address and phone number in searches within a specific range of your business location.

2. Consumer Ratings

Displays positive reviews from a reputable third-party source about your business.

3. Dynamic Ad Enhancements

Displays “at-a-glance” details about your business.

4. Dynamic Callouts

Shows key business details like highlighted services that are taken directly from your website’s landing page.

5. Dynamic Partner Data Enhancements

Enhances your ads with details from third-party partner sources.

6. Dynamic Sitelinks

Generates additional links in your ads to specific pages on your website.

7. Dynamic Structured Snippets

Provides additional context on a specific aspect of your products and services.

8. Longer Ad Headlines

Displays additional details like ad descriptions, display URLs, or landing page phrases to your ad’s title.

9. Previous Visits

Adds a line of text showing how many times a customer clicked through to your website over the last few months.

10. Seller Ratings

Includes ratings and links to highly-rated reviews about your business.

Automated Extension Opt-Out

Automated extension opt-out is available at the Account level only. You can opt out of any of the automated extensions by going into the Ad Extensions tab and selecting Automated Extensions Report from the drop-down. Then click on ‘Automated Extensions Options.’

Bing Ads Automated Extensions Opt Out

Choosing to opt-out of an Automated Extension will opt-out an account from all features under this extension. Any historical opt-outs at the individual types level of Automated Extensions will be honored at the aggregate Automated Extension level.

Automated Extension Reporting

Reporting is available at the Automated Extension level and not at each individual type level under this extension.

Here, you’ll find performance data for the automated extensions when they show with your ad. You’ll also be able to see which automated extensions are showing and how often each type shows.

Clicks on only some automated extensions cost money. Currently, only Dynamic Sitelinks and Automated Dynamic Product Extensions will be charged for clicks.

Have you tried Automated Extensions? What has your experience been? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!