What I Fell In Love With: Facebook Saved Audiences

Love Saved Audiences in FB

I am all about efficiency, so one of the features I fell in love with in the last year is Facebook’s Saved Audiences feature. What are Saved Audiences? Quite simply, they’re target audiences that you create for Facebook Ad Sets and subsequently save so you can choose to use them again for different ad sets. Why are these helpful? If you’re wanting to target the same audience among multiple ad sets it keeps you from having to re-create the same audience from scratch again and again. Saved Audiences are so helpful when you have multiple ad sets or targeting options.

Here’s a guide to setting up Saved Audiences for yourself in Facebook:

Creating a Saved Audience

There are a few ways you can create a Saved Audience. The first is to go to your Ads Manager, then hover over the ‘All Tools’ option at the bottom of the drop-down and choose ‘Audiences’ under the ‘Assets’ header.




From there, choose the ‘Create Audience’ button, then choose ‘Saved Audiences.’




Then, you simply create your custom audience with all of your targeting and save it. Make sure to use a naming convention that adequately describes what the audience is so that you can quickly identify it for later use.

Another option is to create the Saved Audience from within an existing ad set, and there are two ways to do so. The first can be done while you’re creating the audience you want for your ad set. Add the information you want to include in your audience, then choose the ‘Save This Audience’ button at the bottom of that section:




The second way to create a Saved Audience from within an existing ad set is within Power Editor: click on the Ad Sets tab, choose the ad set whose audience you want to save, then click the ‘Save Audience’ button.




Applying a Saved Audience to an Ad Set

If you want to utilize a Saved Audience in a new ad set you’re creating, choose the arrow next to ‘New Audience’ and you’ll find your list of Saved Audiences under ‘Use A Target Audience.’ There’s even a convenient Search box you can use if you have a large list of Saved Audiences.




If you need to adjust the audience slightly for the new ad set, you can do so; once you have chosen the Saved Audience you want to use, it will populate in the Audience Details for the ad set along with an ‘Edit’ button. Once you make the changes you want, you can either ‘Save As New’ or ‘Update’ — just note that if you choose ‘Update’ it will change the Saved Audience across all ad sets utilizing that audience.

Ultimately, Saved Audiences can be a huge time saver, so say yes to better efficiency and start using Saved Audiences in Facebook today!

Have you found Saved Audiences helpful in building your Facebook campaigns? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!