Yahoo, Microsoft Make Changes to Search Marketing Partnership

yahoo-microsoft-alliance_0.previewAccording to an email from Bing, Microsoft and Yahoo are amending their search partnership. The email, which was received by Clix marketing this morning, indicates that because of rapid growth and evolution of the search advertising market, the companies are making changes to their partnership for the first time in 5 years.

The email lacked any meaningful facts about the changes, but it does say that the Microsoft will be the “exclusive sales force” for the sale of Bing ads. Additionally, the Microsoft engineering team with be “integrated” into the salesforce, which offers up more questions than answers regarding the changes.

Even though we cannot verify the specific changes, a portion of the text explained how these changes align with the vision and the goals of the company. It is worth mentioning that Bing tells us that we will see these changes in the upcoming release of Windows 10. This raises questions like, “Will Windows 10 host Bing ads outside the browser? Could Excel, Word, and Powerpoint host native advertisements?”

The remaining content of the email simply assures us that the changes will not impact ad performance or how campaigns should be run in the short-term. Clix marketing will continue to monitor the partnership between these two companies and how it may impact your advertising efforts.