4 Facebook Ad Copy Tips to Improve Performance

Ad testing is an important part of any online advertising campaign. With Facebook, a lot of attention is given to the image, but testing copy is important as well.

Below are 4 ad copy tips to improve the performance of your Facebook ads.

1. Test Long Vs Short Ad Text

Most ads you see on Facebook keep the ad text short and sweet.

If you look at the Facebook Ads help center, the recommended text length is 90 characters. But, as I’ve found many times throughout my advertising career, just because something is seen as a best practice, doesn’t mean it’s the best for you or your ads.

Most ads you see on Facebook keep the ad text short and sweet. This is likely because they want all of the text to be visible, instead of it being truncated with “… More”.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you haven’t tried longer ad copy it’s worth a shot.



I’ve seen long ad text outperform short ad text in numerous tests.

One of the situations where I’ve seen it work well is for lead ads. For lead ads, you are asking a user to submit their personal information immediately after they click on your ad. Providing them with more details on why they should be giving you their information can help boost conversion rates.

No matter the client, I always set up a test for short versus long ad text and see which our target audience seems to prefer.

2. Use Emojis in Your Ad Copy

Using emojis in your ad can help them stand out amongst all of the noise on Facebook. You can include emojis in the ad text, headline, and description.

facebook ad emoji

Since computers do not yet have an emoji keyboard, you can add emojis by copying and pasting from different websites. I use Emojipedia where you can search for a specific emoji you might be looking for or browse the most popular.

You can use the smiley faces to convey emotions or holiday-themed emojis for seasonal ad copy. I will often use the checkmark emoji for ads where I want to create bulleted lists and make the ad copy easier to read.

3. Write to Your Audience

Facebook has amazing audience targeting capabilities. I prefer to segment my audiences into separate ad sets as much as possible. This way I can write ad copy that speaks to each audience.

For example, by having separate ad sets for men vs. women you can adjust ad copy with corresponding pronouns. By separating out age ranges, you can make sure people in your ad images are in the same age range as your audience. People want to be able to relate to what they see in your ad, so tailor it differently for each audience.

I especially like separate ad sets by location and then using the location in the copy. It makes the ad feel more personalized, and not a one-size fits all billboard.

4. Use Testimonials in Your Copy

Social proof is especially important as customers are becoming more informed. If you have client testimonials, and you should, test using those testimonials as your ad. It’s even better if you can include a photo of the client, although I know that’s not always possible.

Image result for facebook ads testimonials

The four ad copy ideas above have definitely helped improve performance for my clients.

Do you have any other tips for Facebook ad copy? If so, share it in the comments below!