5 Strategies for Using AdWords Customer Match

Google AdWords announced Customer Match in September of 2015. Hurray!

…now what? Let’s get into what Customer Match is and how you can leverage this targeting type for success in your accounts.

customer matchWhat is Customer Match?

AdWords now allows you to target customers using their email addresses in a feature called Customer Match.

By uploading a list of at least 1,000 email addresses, Google will match those with Google accounts and create an audience list. The list can then be used to target users on the Search Network, in Gmail or on YouTube.

The customer list does not just have to be Gmail addresses to be matched in the system; email addresses from any domain can be used and will be matched if they are used as the primary email address for a Google account.

Go Beyond the Cookie

Customer Match is like remarketing, but a long-term relationship. If someone made a purchase from you a year ago, they may have long since dropped out of any remarketing audience. Traditional remarketing audiences are built using cookies that can be deleted or blocked, but Customer Matched user sign-ins can be attributed across devices.

If you’ve been sitting on an email database, let’s take that info and put it to work! Here are 5 strategies for using AdWords Customer Match.

1. Personalized Ad Copy

Did a visitor to your site provide their email address, but not make a conversion? Use customer match to reengage users when they search for a related product or solution that you provide. Stand out with a tailored ad enticing them to come back and take another look with a relevant message.

2. Up-Sell Customers

If a user trusted you enough to give you their email address, they have pretty much opted into hearing what you have to offer. And if a user has made a purchase from you, then it’s easy to build on what they have purchased with products or services that enhance the original purchase.

Did they buy the cool new gadget, but need a travel charger? Up-sell! Did they purchase ski tickets but will still need rental equipment? Up-sell!

3. Snap Up Competitor Searches

If a user is on your Customer Match audience list, you have the opportunity to target them if they are searching for your competitor’s name, or even when they are viewing an email from a competitor’s domain in Gmail. (Muahahaha…)

4. Seasonal Reminders

Remarketing Lists burn out after 6 months, but Customer Match audiences can last much longer. Use Customer Match to target searchers who purchased a seasonal product, or need a reminder of where they purchased something a year ago, such as a gift. (Mother’s Day is May 8th!)

5. Targeted Customer Match + Personalized Ad Copy = Reengagement Success!

When you use what you know from your customer database to create super targeted Customer Match lists, the ads write themselves. Why should the searcher come back? Do you now carry the latest and greatest version of what they bought two years ago? Tell them about it!

What are you seeing as strong strategizes for utilizing Customer Match? Share with us in the comments!