Handy PPC Reports From AdWords’ Dimensions Tab

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The Dimensions tab in Google AdWords is a powerful and useful tab in your arsenal of reporting tools. Sometimes I forget how handy these puppies can be. Here’s 6 of my favorite reports from the Dimensions tab:


You can see how your labels are performing by keyword, ad, ad group and campaign. This can be really useful when you’re tracking the performance in an A/B test. Labels are all the more useful now that they’re supported in AdWords Editor, so now you have no excuse to not label everything.


You can see how your campaigns are performing by day of the week, day of the month, week, month, quarter, year, or hour of day. These reports are necessary when it comes to finding times for dayparting your campaigns. I find these reports to be very interesting even when I’m not looking for dayparting information.

Paid & Organic

This report shows how often your site has shown up in the organic search results as well as what search term triggered that result. This is an additional report that you can use in conjunction with the Search Term Report to see what keywords are most valuable & new keywords.

Ad Group & Campaign Details

Wondering what features you implemented on which campaigns or how many active keywords you have? This report is your one-stop-shop for information on your campaigns & ad groups. You can see a quick overhead view of active keywords, active ads, disapproved ads, active extensions, networks, bid strategies & more. This is a great refresher report or one to take a look at when you onboard a new account.

When it comes to utilizing AdWords reports for knowing the areas you can boost or decrease presence in with bid modifiers, here are two reports for you:


This report shows your customers’ physical locations or locations that they’ve shown interest in through searches or content viewed. You can stay at as high of a level as country or drill down by region, DMA, city, zip code, and even more specific locations.

User Location

This report shows your customers’ physical locations regardless of any locations they may have shown interest in. You can use this report along with the Geographic report to see what areas are the most valuable for your campaigns.

There’s many more reports on the Dimensions tab in AdWords, but these are my favorites. Have a favorite report that I didn’t cover? Tell us about it in the comments!