Holiday & Year-End Planning For Lead Gen PPC

Only 58 more days until Christmas!  While this statement likely sends eCommerce clients and their PPC managers into a tizzy, it means something completely different for clients on the other side of the spectrum that are not in eCommerce. For those lead generation clients, the fast-approaching holiday season and year-end can be a different time of the year for their PPC efforts. While many lead generation and B2B clients will see a dip in business in the last weeks of the year, there are ways to make the most of this time.

maxresdefaultTrends & Expectations

Talking to the client about what they’ve seen during previous holiday and year-end seasons is always a great place to start. What do they usually see during these times? Also, review previous years’ data trends during the holidays in all channels as well so you have some statistics. Many clients know  they will see a dip during these last weeks of the year, but if they’re newer in PPC, you’ll want to set their expectations accordingly.

Suggest a Holiday Special or Package

‘Tis the season to cash in on those looking for a good deal! Think outside the gift-wrapped box and see if there’s a way to put together a holiday special or package. If your client is up for it, offer 20% off a service or offer a bundle of services for a discount. Things like home and auto services or travel packages can be easily turned into a gift that just keeps giving.

Establish Your Client’s Holiday Schedule

Off-time and holiday parties are staple ingredients during the end of the year, but this can also mean your client is out of the office and might be able to answer the call of potential new business. Check in with your clients and see what their holiday schedule is: will someone be there to answer the phones between Dec. 24 and New Years? If not, you might want to consider re-working your call extensions and ad schedules through the holiday madness to save some budget and not frustrate customers. For some clients, going dark during the holidays might be a better option.

Get Ready to Rock 2016

Take a break from “get all of the leads, spend all of the dollars” and use the year-end down time to prepare for 2016. It’s the perfect time to run all of the reports that you put off during busier seasons. Bigger tasks like overhauling campaigns can also be productive and get your accounts off on the right foot in 2016.

If you need additional ideas on how to make the most of non-seasonal accounts, check out this post. How do you handle the holidays for lead gen and B2B accounts? Let us know in the comments!