My #HeroConf London Deck: Making DSA a Tool for Every Account

HeroConf London 2016: DSA for All AccountsLast month, I had the pleasure of speaking at HeroConf London and had a great time doing so. My topic: Making Dynamic Search Ads a Tool for All Accounts. The slide deck is attached above, but here’s a little background on it and my thoughts on DSA.

In my opinion, DSA is a frequently underutilized tool. Most advertisers use it to fill in gaps in advertising for ecommerce sites. While this is a great strategy, it’s only one of many. By leveraging audiences, you can easily take your “catch all” DSA campaign for ecommerce to a thoughtfully segmented strategy to reach users in unique and different ways.

Lead generation sites can also benefit from DSA, they just may need to cover their bases a bit better at first. Given that not all lead gen pages have clear calls to action (like the majority of ecommerce pages do), it’s important to narrow down your DSA page choices to those that will best drive leads, not just traffic. With a little bit of up front work, you can easily make a highly effective DSA campaign for any lead gen website.

Lastly, reporting and optimizations. Typically, this is limited to bid changes and negative keywords. But there’s plenty more you can do. By looking up the dynamic features of the ads (headlines and landing pages used by Google) you can improve not only your DSA campaigns, but maybe get a couple new ideas for your regular search campaigns.

If you want to learn more about DSA and how you can utilize it in any ad account, check out my slides then leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @michellemsem if you have any questions.