Simplify Your Life In 2017 With This AdWords Feature


As I start a New Year, I like to take some time to think about channel features I can test out that didn’t get implemented the previous year. I’m also finding more and more that it’s imperative for me to work efficiently so I can accomplish all I need to each day. One AdWords feature that meets both of these criteria is Ad Customizers.

So how do Ad Customizers make your life easier?

They allow ads to be dynamically updated with multiple types of information in bulk. Although they’ve been around for a couple years now, I still find that a lot of advertisers aren’t utilizing them. It’s really no wonder because, for starters, they’re a little hard to find in the AdWords interface. To access them, head to Shared Library in the left-hand sidebar then ‘View’ under ‘Business Data.’ From there, you choose the red +Data button, then ‘Ad customizer data’:




From there you can download the ad customizer data template.




This is where you’ll customize the information depending on what you’d like to dynamically update your ads with.

Types of Ad Customizers

Countdown Of A Sale

Running a sale through the end of the month? You can customize your ads to show different discounts for different products and when these discounts will end.

Inventory Quantity & Pricing

If you manage a large inventory this could be a huge time saver for you. This ad customizer allows you to show the quantity and price of various products in your ads.


This ad customizer will show location-specific offers, product availability and more. As mobile searches continue to increase, queries including ‘near me’ are also on the rise; it is clear that proximity is important to users so testing out this customizer would be worth a shot.


Setting Up Ad Text

Once you’ve determined the type of customizing you’d like to do, entered the information accordingly into the ad customizer data template and uploaded it to the Business data section you’ll need to add customizers to your ads. The parameters will vary depending on what type of customizers you’re wanting to use; here is the walk-through of how to set these up. Essentially, you just add the parameter ‘( {‘ to the part of the ad you want the customized data to populate in, and a dropdown will appear where you can choose either Countdown or Ad customizer if you have your feed set up in that account:




Evaluating Performance

As with any test, you’ll want to review performance data to determine if the customizers are having a positive affect on your account. Simply head back to your Shared Library, choose ‘View’ under the ‘Business Data’ section and click on the Name of the feed you created. You’ll be able to choose the date range you want to review and add or remove columns as needed.

Ultimately, as with any new feature, there’s a learning curve but I strongly believe that the time spent to learn how to utilize ad customizers is worth the time saved in the end.

Have you tried ad customizers? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!