3 AdWords Filters To Save You Time On PPC Tasks

Filters are one of those features that virtually every web platform or shopping site has. However, I feel filters are very under-used. Here are 3 filters that I use regularly to save myself time & effort while working in Google AdWords.

Placement Report Filter

The Google Display Network (GDN) is amazing because of it’s size and reach. However, if you’ve ever run a display campaign in AdWords, you’ve seen the copious amounts of garbage sites that show up in your reports. They generate worthless clicks that eat your budget and worthless impressions that hurt your campaign performance. So here’s a filter that I use to quickly surface lots of the weaker sites:
AdWords placement filter
As you can see, this is just eliminating any site that has “.com” or “.org” or “.net” in the URL. Simple right? And check out the kind of sites it quickly surface:
And keep in mind that many of these sites are showing up for Affinity and In-Market targets.

Ad Analysis Filter

Say you want to do an analysis of ad performance for your Black Friday ads last year. You choose your campaign and set the correct date range, but then you see that you’ve got an entire year’s worth of ad variations cluttering the screen (or download sheet if you pulled it into Excel). Use this quick filter to clean up your view in a hurry:
This will eliminate any ad that didn’t get served. Easy as can be. (Note: Keep in mind that there may have been active ads that received 0 impressions at the time, but for any analysis I’ve done, these variations don’t matter anyway.)

Filter By Label

There are times you’ll want to filter by an attribute that’s not available in the AdWords system. It happens. But what do you do about it?

First, you channel your inner punk teenager and start tagging all your ads/keywords/etc., with labels according to the way you want to filter. Google has tons of colors so it starts to make AdWords a lot more colorful place. Then bust out the “Filter by label” option:
Now you can choose just one label, or find all the items with a certain combination of labels.

These are three of the filters that save me time and effort when I’m working in AdWords.

What are filters that you use regularly? I’m always looking for new ideas and would love to see comments or tweet me @robert_brady (assuming Twitter still exists when you read this).

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