Facebook to Open Up Instagram Ads to All Users

FB-InstagramFacebook recently announced that it would be opening up Instagram ads to all throughout this year. Previously, Facebook has limited ads on its photo sharing app to a very select group of big brands, such as Lululemon and Budweiser.

The company said that Instagram ads will be made available to a select group of Facebook Marketing Partners through the Instagram API.

Instagram ads can currently only target users by their age, gender, and country, which is why it has only made sense for big brands. However, when Instagram ads become available through the Facebooks ads platform, Facebook’s robust collection of targeting options will become available.

Lastly, advertisers will be allowed to include clickable links in advertisements in addition to a recent announced “Shop Now” button. Facebook and Google recently unveiled similar buttons for their ad units. Clickable links will only be made available inside advertisements and would not be a function for traditional, organic posts. Additionally, users that click on an ad will be directed to an in-app browser instead of being directed away from Instagram. This is similar to recent updates made by Google and Facebook. Instagram has provides very little information regarding the changes, but the company does mention it here in the help center of its website.

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