Tips For Getting The Most From Geographic PPC Reports – Fast

I love shortcuts when pulling reports and sorting data. I really dislike being inefficient with my time, so when learning something new or pulling monthly reports, I’m always thinking about how I can cut down on the time spent and still get the same result. I recently reviewed a sizable number of geographic reports so I could implement some bid adjustments. Whether you’re looking for top performers, under-performers, or just want to know what’s going on in your account, I have a couple tips for how to make the process go faster and still get the information you’re seeking.1024px-Erioll_world.svg

  • Once you’re in the Geographic report in the Dimensions tab, select the date range you’re interested in.
  • Select the correct columns for region, metro area, city, as well as conversions, conversion rate, cost, etc.
  • Download your report to Excel.
  • Once downloaded, delete the top line (report name, not column headings) and the totals as usual.

A Quick Way to Find Top Performers:

  • Identify the criteria you’re interested in analyzing.
    • Are you looking for areas that have spent more than $50? Had more than 10 conversions? Accrued more than 50 Clicks?
  • Use the Conditional Formatting tool to highlight the columns that have cells that fall into your criteria.
  • Use the Custom Sort tool and sort by color to bring all of the highlighted cells to the top of your spreadsheet. From here, you can see the best or the worst areas (depending on how you sorted) at quick glance and can begin to make decisions about adjustments.

A Quick Way To See An Overview by Geography:

  • Another way I like to see a top-down view is to start by sorting the data.
    • Sort by the largest geographic area you’re interested in to the smallest area. In my case, I sorted the Metro Area column alphabetically; the City column alphabetically; the number of conversions biggest to smallest; and the cost largest to smallest. Sometimes there’s multiple lines for the same metro area or city, so sorting alphabetically can eliminate some confusion.
  • Once you have these in order, you can also use the Conditional Formatting tool to highlight any columns that you’re particularly interested in to make sure you don’t miss anything.

If you want to know how you can implement the Geographic reports for bid modifiers, check out my post on bid adjustments and modifiers. If you have a question about the Dimensions tab, check out my last post on handy Dimensions’ tab reports.