Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: April 1, 2016


Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views!

From the Experts

Search Engine Watch

Google has redesigned AdWords: what does this mean for you?: Huge news for AdWords this week – see how it could impact PPC and your workflow.


A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads:This post as a great 4-step guide to setting up your first Facebook dynamic product ads.

Seer Interactive

How To Properly Track PayPal & Other Off-Site Purchases in GA: Check out this quick post and make sure you have this tracking set up properly for your e-commerce clients.

Beyond the Paid

Does PPC Work For All Businesses?: What size of business is best for PPC? Check out this post to get another viewpoint on this debate.


Instagram Ad Campaigns: 4 Tips For a Better Mobile Experience: If you’re looking for some tips before launching your next Instagram campaign, this post hits on great points that you’ll definitely want to have in place.

PPC Hero

4 Ways Google Tag Manager Will Help Your PPC: Get some pointers on how to put Google Tag Manager to use in more of your accounts.

Search Engine Land

AdWords Search Exam gets an update: What you’ll need to know: Head over to Search Engine Land to check out this post before you study up for your next AdWords exam! There’s changes you’ll want to know about.

From The Engines


Redesigning AdWords for marketing in a mobile-first world


Website conversion tracking and remarketing made easier and more flexible

Bing Ads

Campaign Analytics Expires this June – Are You Ready?

From The Clix Team

Search Engine People

How To Test & Optimize PPC Ad Campaigns (Part Two) by Robert Brady

On The Clix Blog

What Lead Gen Conversion is Right For You? The Pros and Cons by Michelle Morgan
PPC Landing Page Images: The Emotion & Science You Need To Know by Andrea Taylor
What Is A GTIN & Why Do I Need Them? by Robert Brady
3 Super-Sneaky Tactics to Nurture Prospects Using Paid Search Guest Post by Erin Sagin of WordStream